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Hersoul - Void | Directed by @VFXJOSH - YouTube

Yo, go check for my new Visual for my song VOID!!

The dope visuals to my song Void is finally here!! Be sure to go watch that 🔥🔥🔥!! Link in the Bio! Visuals by @vfxjosh ! Check him out he’s absolutely amazing with his work! Beat produced by @trever_whatever



Kid cudi honestly has one of the best tweets ever. This man right here Is just so damn amazing!!

CNN is covering the protest in Hong Kong very differently from how they’ve covered Ferguson..


late night Usies. we can’t sleep… lol.


So a guy with a knife was able to scale the wall of the White House, run through the front door & get past security & make it all the way to the East Room until he was caught there.. The alarm box at the front door just so happened to be muted..


do you ever need a five minute hug but only from like a specific person

White boys love saying “haha”




I just got home haha
What’s up haha
I’m tryna put it in your b hole haha


please let me come out with a post with what black boys love saying.
Oh right because only this kind of racism is funny.