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When you go down thru whole timeline reblogging shit…


If I like you, ima lurk on everything you have, misinterpret some shit and have an attitude for no reason and we not even together.



Some white slang that we cant appropriate. (WAVE: White America Venacular English)

  • the bees knees
  • knockers (to refer to tiddies)
  • holy canoli
  • Horsefeathers!
  • Bimbo (to refer to a promiscuous cracker)
  • Oh, fuck me in the ass! (a phrase of frustration)
  • Thats a load of Bologna! (bullshit. Niggas be lying)
  • Whoopee! (when you gettin lit)

Fuck that I say bees knees all the time

I’m dead as fuck haha

I really like being the ugly one in the relationship.. Cuz I know I look good, so to have my girl lookin better than me is just really a pat on my back..

Jayden Smith

Did this dude say, independent like sausages..

I take it back

The world uh crazy place if Jayden Smith were to become all of our favorite Rapper..
I’m so nasty..

I’m quite pleased but ashamed of myself lol.

Pussy be so wet at times to the point where I’m kinda scared to dig in..

Shout out to pussies that’s so wet it make a nigguh gasp

Have you ever been so horny you’re mad about it

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an sentence like this makes me feel uncomfortable